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http://vikrantashgroup.com/https://vikrantashgroup.com/automotive-coolant-lubricant-market"Market Definition: Automotive coolant is a dark liquid that circulates in various vehicles’ engine motors. Automobile coolant is used in both commercial and passenger automobiles. These coolants might be liquid or gaseous in nature. Coolant helps to keep the engine motors cool by removing excess heat. Automotive coolants are utilized in a wide range of vehicles, from small to large engines. Market Growth Scenario: The market for coolant and lubricant is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period. The rapid expansion in vehicle sales and infrastructure development in emerging nations has created a significant demand for these coolants and lubricants, with coolants accounting major share of the total coolant and lubricant market in terms of value. BY APPLICATION Engine Coolant HVAC Coolant Engine Lubricant Brake Lubricant Transmission Lubricant BY VEHICLE TYPE Passenger Car (PC) Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV)" 15.02.2023 19:40:45
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